Jana Kramer opened up about her strained relationship with husband Mike Caussin and her commitment to staying with him for the sake of their daughter, Jolie.

“He’s still my husband, yes. So everyone is like, ‘Oh, your estranged husband’ because we’re technically separated. We didn’t separate in the court,” the One Tree Hill alum explained during her appearance on Olivia Caridi’s podcast, Mouthing Off, on Tuesday, September 5.

Since Caussin left rehab, he and the country star have been trying to work through their issues.

I haven’t made a statement because, like, I’m just focusing on our family and trying to figure it out. Because what I say is it’s day-by-day. So we’re not divorced, he’s not my estranged husband, he’s very much in my life,” Kramer continued.

“The only reason that I stayed is because I’ve seen how hard he’s worked to become the better version of himself and to be a better man and be very present,” the “Circles” singer said.

“And again, we all have our moments w, you know, we question that and have hard times. But he’s working extremely hard and he’s so good with Jolie. Like he’s an incredible dad. And I see that and I recognize that, and again, I see how hard he’s working at becoming this better version of himself, but it’s still hard. Trust is a hard thing when it’s broke to get back. We’re in so much therapy it’s not even funny. Myself, I mean I go to groups, I go to a bunch of stuff. But it’s good though. I’ve learned so much about myself in the process. And again, either way we’ll come out healthier because of it.”