Snoop Dogg and Jamie Foxx recently made appearances on Sway’s Universe.

Along with covering topics like comparing the current crop of rappers to veterans, and Snoop’s show The Joker’s Wild, the duo blessed listeners with an entire song right on the spot.

Props to Sway for taking advantage of having the legendary artists in the studio and prompting the epic freestyle song.

The DJ drops the beat and Foxx comes in with the opening chorus.

After Foxx sings the R&B vocals, Snoop jumps in with some freestyle bars.

If the raps from the California legend weren’t enough from you, Foxx continues to provide some silky background vocals throughout as well.

Snoop even spits a second verse filled with some references to Sway’s morning show, Howard Stern, and brushing his teeth with chronic, all while Foxx continues with some laugh inducing ad libs.

POST CONTINUES BELOW. Check out the entire interview above.

If you want to peep the impromptu song for yourself, it starts around the 22:35 mark.