Here are three sketches people will be discussing over the next seven days.

Like the Trump sketches, there’s little exaggeration here, but the presentation of this truth hits a lot closer to home.

Kate McKinnon, who often serves as the in-show voice of compassion, tells the final child that things won’t always be this bad. But the sketch suggest there’s a lot of damage to undo to ensure things don’t get worse by the time these kids reach the voting age.

There’s a grand tradition of gross-out sketches throughout SNL’s history, and now we can add this insane, over-the-top, legitimately upsetting installation to the mix.

That doesn’t save a subpar sketch: That lasagna sketch was always going to be bad, but Franco sold it as if it were Celebrity Jeopardy.

At that point in this sketch, uttered in that way by Franco, it turns into one of the greatest jokes in Season 43.