Jaden Smith is expanding the definition of “Menswear” for millions of millennials, but he’s not just a trendsetter, his gender fluidity is creating a profitable brand.

Not only that, but his rejection of traditional gender roles isn’t costing him a thing in terms of popularity or Hollywood heat: Jaden is one of the most exciting rising stars in the business, according to many, and his exposure will skyrocket after the premiere of Baz Luhrmann’s new Netflix show The Get Down, in which he stars.

All in all, Jaden is expressing himself in a unique way for a someone as high profile as he is, and it’s only helping his career.

How long before other young gender fluid stars follow suit? Or more affordable brands like H&M feature men modeling their womenswear and vice versa?

Though Jaden is by no means the first young man to experiment with gender, he is among the most high profile and could be at the forefront of something big.

Get the deets on Jaden’s Louis Vuitton campaign with BET Breaks above.