Today Blake name appeared incident when he was present at the virtual trial with his hospital bed. Jacob Blake’s name appeared in the headlines a few weeks ago after the Wisconsin police “shot” him in the back seven times. Jacob Blake claimed his innocence in a false trial. During this trial, Blake pleaded not guilty to some of the charges against him. For the last two weeks Blake had been in hospital, w he was paralyzed with his waist down. This incident was a blatant manifestation of police brutality, which eventually led to several large-scale protests across the state of Wisconsin. In fact, the NBA players boycotted “their” games for a few days because they wanted to express their concerns. Blake was accused by his ex-girlfriend of breaking into his apartment and sexually abusing her. The charge against him was burglary, third degree assault and disturbance of calm. Be aware of this story, because we will provide you with the latest information. From now on his bail is set at $10,000, and jury selection for his court will begin on November 9. Catch me with a new hot hip-hop.

Blake Jacob Blake Pleads