The 16-year-old singer who will perform at Trump’s inauguration has a transgender sister who’s vocal about anti-LGBTQ policies.

According to recent reports, Trump’s team has struggled to find a single A-lister to perform at the historic event.

First, a Trump aide claimed that Elton John would be performing at the Inauguration Day festivities-a rumor that his representatives swiftly and curtly shut down.

While Trump’s ideal inauguration performance might be Katy Perry loudly sobbing while dressed in an Ivanka Trump sheath dress, for now, the president doesn’t have the power to force artists to sing on demand.

As the first confirmed performer for Trump’s inauguration, Evancho has garnered her fair share of social media flack.

Much like Tiffany Trump, Evancho has experimented with the pop single.

“Now, I not only worried about what my family thought of me, but I also worried about some trashy magazine trying to make a spectacle out of me if they found out, and it hurting my family.” While Juliet hasn’t publicly commented on Trump or on her sister’s inauguration performance, she has liked a pair of Twitter posts urging her to educate her sister on vice president-elect Mike Pence’s anti-LGBTQ politics.