It had to be actor Jack Black, with dyed blond hair and staying in character as the Polish polka musician he’s playing in a movie being filmed in Rhode Island.

Caetano – who has the long sideburns, slicked back hair and tattoos of a rockabilly frontman – says he was eating outside the restaurant on Providence’s North Main Street when “This strange guy was walking down the street and in a funny accent goes ‘Helloww.’ I knew it was him right away. I was kind of in shock.” He gave a friendly hello right back.

Black went inside and Caetano told the waitress to tell Black that his first drink was on “The weird guy outside.” A short while later, the actor came outside and, still speaking with an accent, thanked Caetano for the drink.

Caetano, who leads the rock band Sasquatch and the Sick-A-Billys, told Black that he once opened for a band led by Kyle Gass, Black’s partner in the comedy rock duo Tenacious D. Black then took out his camera, snapped a photo of them together and said he was sending it to Gass.

Black, still speaking in the faux accent, said he had been enjoying Rhode Island and had been out on a friend’s boat clamming.

Black has been in Rhode Island since July filming “The Polka King.” On Tuesday and Wednesday, the production crew was filming at the State House.