Multi-platinum, award-winning rapper J. Cole’s Fayetteville house was vandalized.

Cole’s third album was named “2014 Forest Hills Drive” for his Fayetteville home, a 1,600-square-foot house on Forest Hills Drive in Fayetteville.

The album cover shows Cole sitting on the roof of the house.

When Cole hosted a 2016 homecoming concert in Fayetteville, his set was designed to look like the house.

“J. Cole … Do you even care about the Ville?” the black spray paint across the front of the house read. Over the weekend, a photo of the vandalized house surfaced on social media.

By Monday, the spray painted message was no longer visible on the house.

Cole’s mother lost the home to foreclosure, but after he rose to fame on the back of his music, Cole purchased the house.

Cole, who is intensely private and gives few interviews, told New York’s Combat Jack Internet radio show he planned to turn the house into a rent-free home for single mothers and their families.