[embedyt]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdY26EbkImw[/embedyt] It’s also in a sad place and rarely attacks – “Sun Shines Gray” is the toughest rock song of the standard edition, although the extra songs in the luxury version offer some good extra songs. The first single “No Erasin'” could be a Journey song with his piano and guitar riffs and Perry’s memories connecting to an old flame in the back seat of his car. When he “sings”, “sings”, “sings”, “sings”, “sings”, “sings”, “doesn’t cry anymore”, “because I don’t love anymore”, “I don’t want to loveanymore anymore”, “he sings in a way that makes you believe”. Many songs are too hidden for your own good, but in a strange way, that’s what you want from Steve Perry – you want to hear and remember. His last recordings of the time, bonus tracks in a collection of hits, allowed him to put his elastic vocal cords to the heights that he had reached with Journey and “made me promise not to isolate myself anymore”, he wrote in a statement. The album is a Steve Perry classic, full of dramatic bacon, nostalgia and occasional rocker. Two decades ago, Steve Perry left a legacy of carefree rockers and sentimental music. So he decided to keep that promise and record Traces, his third solo album in total and the first feature film in almost a quarter of a century. Form Made with sketch. Given his “age”, 69 years old, he is in good condition, but it’s still surprising, especially since we haven’t heard him in decades.