On CD, Acid Jazz also offers a series of “Rare Mod” compilations, all of which offer a sampling of music from the 1960’s. blues bands, soul bands and several budding bands with their own original and idiosyncratic covers of soul standards. These include the soundtrack to DONNIE ELBERT’s version of “This Old Heart Of Mine” and a charming “Silent” by former US soldier JAMES PATTERSON, who cut the track while serving in the UK in 1967. To hear another icon in search of “his sound”, try RIOT SQUAD’s Acid Jazz EP. For now, however, the leader of the mod brand seems to be ACID JAZZ Records. Listen to them on “Les deux faces de la Fleur de Lys” four unreleased tracks. They have released four songs, including a cover of Lou Reed’s “I’m Waiting For My Man” and an S&M “Curiosity”, “Toy Soldier”. Perhaps “Hitsville London” will offer more interest to the soul audience. The record only takes a few moments and gives you more possibilities. A four-track EP produced by Graham Dee. All four are in the EP.

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