The first time I saw Jamie Oliver, like most americans, was on a Ted Talk he did years ago about the horrible state of sugar laden food our children are consuming everyday. Here is the full Ted Talk:

Jamie really seemed put together and concerned with the public health of children and people in general. After making so many millions and teaching so many how to eat healthy, why on earth would he now be seemingly go against the principles he set out to share so many years ago? Check out his recent book, “Comfort Food”, that he promotes on the Colbert Report and seems to really not care how unhealthy the food his promoting is:

Are we way off base ? Maybe he just needed a break; but can you image the hypocrisy if a mayor that constantly allowed people to get incarcerated for doing illegal drugs in Toronto, gets caught on camera doing the same drugs and walks away with a slap on the hand? Oh wait, that did happen. Let’s stop thinking and eat more pie a la mode.