This week in Iowa, it’s not a dead car battery as much as, say, finding out a class action settlement against some corporate giant has brought you a check in the mail for $123.45.

Iowa just beat Wyoming by 21 points, Iowa State beat Northern Iowa by 18, and neither of the losing teams are among the dregs of the sport.

Iowa State and Iowa assumed command of their games by halftime, and neither surrendered their grips.

So now we got to Week 2 and the Cy-Hawk thingy, and neither side enters it as if it’s headed to a 3-hour wait at the DMV. This isn’t last year, when the Cyclones got outplayed and beaten by UNI the week before they went to Kinnick Stadium and offered no resistance to the Hawkeyes in a 42-3 walloping.

Two first-quarter pick-6s is something we will seldom see again from anyone, but Iowa State did it Saturday, giving its offense time to find its footing.

In the trenches on both sides of the ball, Iowa State is no Alabama or Iowa.