it’s not cool, it’s not “trolling” or “stan-culture,” you’re pushing people to the point of no return. “I came and said I was retiring because I had reached that point: physically, mentally and emotionally,” she said. Despite impressive projects and even a Grammy Award nomination, none of them were ideal for the Alabama native. What followed was a group of psychotic fans bragging about my deteriorating mental health and stalking me like I approached them first. And no, I don’t feel bad wishing the people who do these things dead, because they deserve the same fate as the people they affect. The news came after an Instagram Live session w she responded to fans’ feelings about her announcement. i talked about it with my team, my therapist, my friends and acquaintances. today i shared with them that i am thinking about leaving, because the mental damage that life in the industry has brought down on me cannot be easily overcome. Success doesn’t always lead to happiness, something Chica unfortunately experienced. now imagine a bunch of crazy people throwing around thoughts that they have to struggle with anyway. when you suffer from depression, negative talk is deafening. if that doesn’t work, I will try again. with that I am out of . Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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