The Pride of Mid-America’s history is long and dynamic, with the marching band’s roots tracing back to Ball State’s fourth director of bands.

According to Ball State’s School of Music, Fred’s marching bands were one of the first in the country to perform drill patterns, a concept originally established for an all-male group.

Dunn, who Hargreaves selected to become the sixth director of bands in 1957, held the position for 12 years.

Under Dunn’s leadership, Ball State’s marching band was named “The Pride of Mid-America” and by the mid-1960’s the group had nearly tripled, going from 66 to 190 members, according to Ball State’s School of Music.

Scagnoli, the ninth director of bands, served as “The Pride” director for 15 years.

“A college marching band has a tremendous role to play in the life of the campus, especially at football games. It is the one organization on campus that can bind all generations of our BSU community, students, staff, faculty, alumni and community members, together in spirit,” Shawn Vondran, 2010-14 assistant director of bands, said in a 2011 Daily News interview.

In addition to the Pride of Mid-America Marching Band, the Ball State band program includes the Wind Ensemble, Symphony Band, Concert Band, Campus Band, Ceremonial Band, Basketball Band and other athletic pep bands.