In that spirit, Messin Me Up tells a story of perseverance and introspection with smooth bass lines, sublime synths and epic vocals. ┬áCombined with the lush drums and authoritative tone of the GIIAs, this song makes a strong impression and has an additional message about our impact on the environment. Messin Me Up is accompanied by an apocalyptic video directed by Jordan Chappell and What So Not themselves. It starts off sparse and somber and grows into an onslaught of vocals and lyrics, What So Not writes in a press release. The percussive soundscape tracks pair perfectly with the apocalyptic video, shot by What So Not themselves. This song is like a daily record for the end of 2019, it reminds me that t’s a lot to do outside our own little sp as we return to some normality,” What So Not wrote on social media. The artists’ new collaboration, Messin Me Up, is completely in line with those expectations. Alexa, play the songs I have to sing on top of the mountain,” What So Not’s Australian producer EVAN GIIAs wrote on Instagram this week. What So Not delights fans with the album Be Ok Again feat. 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the What So Not project, led by Christopher Emerson. The song was conceived in 2019, during the devastating Australian Bushfires. This album is a huge crescendo. The move marks the first original release of What So Nots since 2019. Jason Ross and Gryffin have created a melodic anthem that showcases their signature sound.