High Focus Records is proud to present the cover for the next joint Verb T & Illinformed album “The Land Of The Foggy Skies”, developed by Siou Escalon. The full picture for “The Land Of The Foggy Skies” shows once again why Verb T is one of the most decorated MCs in British hip-hop and why Illinformed is in its class when it comes to production. As expected by the two most active artists of British rap, Verb T & Illinformed presented a sequel to the cult release of 2015 “The Man With The Foggy Eyes”. The premiere of “Cloudy Sky Countries” will take place on December 11, 2020. Stay tuned for the new set, which will be released next Friday along with a pre-order for the album. These two have raised the bar and raised their already incredible alchemy to a higher level, as evidenced by the “Rotten Fortune” and “New Ways” singles.