I know it’s an illusion and that freedom is just a feeling you feel, but I’ve lived my life with the conviction that this feeling is all that’s worth pursuing, all that you need – not necessarily happiness or love, but the feeling of being free. At the end of the tours, after the post-pop depression, I was sure that I had freed myself from the chronic insecurity problem that had hampered my life and career for too long,” he continues. He recently announced his coffee, with notes of “dates, nutmeg and a long chocolate finish,” and part of the proceeds were donated to the Girls Rock Camp AllianceAlliance. Last month he announced a manual titled “Til Wrong Feels Right”, which was published in October by Penguin Random House. “It’s an album w other artists speak for me, but I borrow my voice,” says Iggy. The album, described in a press release as “just dark and thoughtful,” features Noveller and Leron Thomas. Iggy Pop has announced a new album, Free. Iggy appears as a caffeine-hungry zombie in Jim Jarmusch’s The Dead Don’t Die, now in the movies. And I wanted to put on sunglasses, turn my back and leave. Iggy Pop, photo by Paul R. I wanted to be free. But I also felt exhausted. I listened to a teaser below.

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