Now, it finally appears she will get back to the music next month.

It’s hard to believe Iggy released her only album, The New Classic, over four years ago.

Now, on a new imprint, Island Records, it looks like her new offering, Surviving the Summer, is finally going to see the light of day.

On Friday night, the Aussie MC finally gave in to the pressure of constantly being asked about her new project and spilled the beans.

“Since i cant seem to speak about anything without being asked – when is the EP dropping: S.T.S is dropping July 6th. #TheMoreYouKnow,” she tweeted.

She added, “My record label, Island records, is changing presidents this month. We have to allow time for everyone in the company to re-organise, its a big change! Im really happy to welcome the new Island Records president, cant wait to release this EP with him leading the team!”.

The new tape will surely contain her latest single, “Savior,” featuring Quavo.