I went shopping, and eight different people came up to me and said, ‘You’re the voice I don’t have, brother,'” Buzi said. I’m making a difference. Watch Boosies video below and tell us if you agree with these eight people. His comments led to trouble, but Boosie says “he” was approached by people who thanked “him” for not letting anyone shut “him” up. According to Boosie, “he” was minding “his” own business when “he” was approached by several people who praised “him” for speaking “his” truth. Eight different people said to me, “Don’t let anybody shut you up, buddy.” In a short video “he” recently shared online, Boosie seemed enthusiastic about communicating with “his” fans. Eight different people told me that in just three hours. T are artists who succumb to media pressure, and then t’s Boosie Badazz. Often the rappers’ vivid comments went viral several times as their unfiltered view of pop culture sparked discussions on social media. About four women and four men said exactly the same thing,” the rapper continued. However, not everyone agrees with “his” views, and “his” recent backlash stems from “his” altercation with Lil Nas X. Talk to me at Hot New Hip Hop News.