When Hogan called the WWE on Thursday offering to step down, “WWE accepted his resignation from all contractual obligations and proceeded so,” Houston told The Daily Beast.

Then WWE hit Hogan with an Atomic Leg Drop: All references to wrestling’s mustachioed blonde Hulkster, its “Unstoppable Power,” its Actual American, were scrubbed in the organization ‘s websites and online stores overnight.

is grappling with criticisms over its treatment of minority characters for decades, plagued by the biggest & most blatant critique of them all: Specifically, that in six decades the WWE has only dared to declare one black WWE World Champion-The Rock, who’s half-Samoan and half-black.

The same year, African-American wrestler Bobby Lashley left the WWE after a dustup with all the same writer for reportedly making racial slurs at his expense.

According to numbers issued by the WWE, the company’s fan base skews 55 percent Caucasian and 23 percent African American-a better percentage than the 13 percent of African Americans who constitute the U.S. citizenry, a WWE rep points out.

“I don’t know if Gawker leaked the statement or played any part,” Hogan’s attorney said, surmising that the “Nefarious” party who leaked the N-word-laden transcript was more likely invested in throwing a wrench into Hogan’s continuing litigation than highlighting institutional racism in the WWE.

The WWE’s race problems are much larger than throwing bigoted insults about in the stadium or someone’s illicitly filmed sex lair, which is why Hogan shouldn’t take the complete cleansing of his existence from WWE’s domain names personally.

“You understand to be real and to be very frank and keep it genuine, African-American wrestlers, black wrestlers They should work twice as hard as white challengers I do believe t is a system in place in the WWE a black wrestler can only go up to now.”