Hrishikesh Hirway about how to bring “Song Exploder” to Netflix Documentary series adaptation of the popular Hirway podcast, asks musicians such as Alicia Case and R.E.M. to tell the story step by step when they make a song. Alicia Keys and Hrishikesh Hirway in the new documentary series Netflix Song Explainer, an adaptation of the popular Hirway podcast. “I think one of the things that has always been very important to me in Song Exploder is the sense of intimacy that an artist gives you when you talk about what inspired your song and what choices you made to bring it to life,” Hirway says. Being able to talk about the details of a song and the little choices made in it is a way to get a portrait of another artist, something I think may eventually reveal things you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. It’s like the heart of the show, something like “show and tell”. – The way a song is built, using different layers of songs as proof of what ideas are in the song. With Song Exploder podcast, your favorite musicians can tell you how they played their favorite songs. I will paraphrase , but it sounds like a completely different episode, because it didn’t make as much sense as we, the audience, after all these years soaked in this song. Your episode with Alicia Case is actually the opposite: it’s “3 Hour Drive”, which is actually a new song – it just came out. I mean, the whole statement about “3 Hour Drive” from the beginning was that you don’t do it. What I thought superficially was a kind of political protest song or something like that, in the end, it was about uncertainty. As I said, the song by Alicia Case just came out. I would like to start with Lin-Manuel Miranda, with whom “she” performed “Wait for It”, the great anthem of Aaron Berr in the musical “Hamilton”. It is a song about love, a song about love without answer, written by Michael Stipe. This song is clearly built around a very specific story that symbolizes American history. I think if you love the song at the beginning of the episode, you will probably fall in love with it at the end.

Hrishikesh Hirway