Site traffic analysis can help you learn more about your competitors’ digital marketing strategies, their performance in recent months and major changes in results. Analyzing your competitors’ digital marketing strategies can help you optimize your campaign and future ideas to improve your success in the short and long term. The analysis can help you explore your competitors’ best keywords, their average monthly search traffic, and their best websites. SEMrush has created a guide to “How to do competition analysis online” to help you investigate what your competitors are doing. Your competition analysis can provide you with a deeper look at your competitors’ social channels, how often they are published, their participation rates and the most popular channels. If you want to implement a long-term digital marketing strategy, you must include SEO in your plans. When you understand how your competitors behave in digital channels, it is time to get the most out of this information. This knowledge can help you identify opportunities that your competitors do not have, or even specific markets that you can exploit.

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