When Sam asked the boy if he could ride it, the boy tried to step down and fell off the hovercraft and onto his back.

Despite recent recalls of the hoverboard because of exploding batteries, they were one of the most popular presents handed out on Christmas Day.The controversial self-balancing machines were removed from stores around the world and even Amazon after reports of it suddenly exploding.

‘Poorly labelled, powerful lithium-ion batteries powering hoverboards are the issue,’ Delta officials said in an online statement.

Sam lunged forward and offered the boy a hand to get up as he bounced back off of the ground.

In the most recent blow for hoverboards, television presenter Sam Mac was talking to the young Charlie about his Christmas present as he rode it around an open shopping area when he asked if he could borrow the gadget for a quick ride.

As Charlie turned to get off of the hoverboard and let Sam have a go, he fell off and landed on his back, much to the horror of hosts Edwina Bartholomew and Andrew O’Keefe.

‘Did you just push him off his own hoverboard?’ Edwina asked with a horrified expression as she giggled.

Multiple airlines across the world have banned the hoverboard from being carried on board planes.