The opening theme “Is This Love” not only sets the tone of the project, but also shows in the attached video a visualization from the heart: a jolt of feelings to feel good about oneself. Friday, right? The new music you want? Well, we have it for you. Other highlights areTonight’, which keeps the atmosp alive with elements from the film, and the latest themeApologies’, which begins intimately and develops through musical peaks and valleys to a stadium-ready climax. French artist Maxime puts emotion and honesty in the spotlight and gives us a compelling story about his latest album “The Honest Me P1”. Music Crowns is the global platform for the discovery of musical artists, the basic brand of the world’s best unsigned, independent and newly signed musical artists. The Honest Me P1′ is an amazing achievement by Maxime, a multi-talented artist who has much more to offer. Over the years, Maxime has honed his “skills as a producer, author and performer” and his honest vision across all seven titles. With pop sensibilities that make each track a tangible listening experience, his unique performance shows his great talent. The very fine sound of the famous singer Sheryl underscores the emotional power of the title.

Honest Me P1