Today, a New York Times investigation revealed that a fire that ravaged Universal Studios Hollywood in 2008 destroyed a large number of soundtracks by artists over the decades, including Nirvana, Eminem, John Coltrane and many others. He shared the link to the Times report and added: “For anyone who asks why they want more, Illdelph Halflife will not receive any further treatment. “I really wanted to go back to all the old papers and mix the 8 or 9 songs that DYWM never did. “REMHQ receives requests from many people concerned about the New York Times article about the Universal Music fire 11 years ago,” the group wrote. After being contacted by Pitchfork, the group’s representative confirmed that Hole had never been informed by Universal that their tapes had been destroyed. Hole was one of the artists who lost the master recordings during the incident. Questlove also commented on the revelation that the roots had lost their records in the fire. “We try to get good information to know what happened and what effect it has on the band’s music, if any. It was last updated on June 11 at 7:56 p.m. Easter. The group “didn’t know until this morning,” says the representative.