The first single from his first solo album “Nuthin’ But a G Thang is the only song by Dre of the greatest hits of Rolling Stone 500 of all time. This scary song appeared not only on the soundtrack of Dangerous Minds, but also in a video in which the movie star Michelle Pfeiffer competed with rapper Compton. The second single from the third album of “So Wat’Cha Want” covered the summer of92 and gave us some wild negatives in the video. Year: 1991 “Shirtless in the middle of a boxing ring” – that’s how you imagine LL when you think of that beautiful loud Marley Marl song that started the engine of her career and won her the Grammys in 1992. This strange and incomprehensible song not only won the prize for the best rap performance of any duet or band in 1993, but the clip recorded in Georgia is still an icon to this day. Another video made by Hype, Busta already had his base as an artist and came out with a video about tribal culture to support his second album, the most important single. Who could have forgotten when Sting was onstage with Puff at the MTV Video Music Awards 1997 to mourn the loss of his friend and record label Biggie Smalls. The first hit of Public Enemy Top 40, this song, produced by Bomb Squad, highlights the slow pace of emergency aid in black areas. Members of the Native Speaking Cabal offered listeners a series of options with a song from the dance floor with the famous line “Motor, Motor, Number 9”, which we all know and love. When ATCQ became the main audience, “Scenario” exploded with a technologically advanced video and Busta Rhyme made his “own” rap debut. With a barbecue and video full of beach volleyball, producer and rapper Kali earned big points for his innovative sound early in the decade. Hammerhose first debuted at the Arsenio Hall Show, and Hammertime” was the common motto in the early 90’s because this hip-hop crossover was “too legal to stop”. Seeing him with Ma$e on the PGA Bad Guy Tour World Champion circuit was a good replacement for the already dead Big Baby. The video not only gave the Americans a taste of everyday life on the West Coast, but also captured one of their parents’ best backstage parties. L-Boogie knew his audience well and gave voice to both sexes in the song that won the Grammy for Best Female Vocal Performance and Best Song for R&B in 1999.

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