Hip-hop artist and musician Warren Wint is one of New York’s top secret keepers, supported by Billboard, Noisey, Hot 97, XXL, MTV, The Source, VH1 and BET, among others. But it won’t take long, as he is back with his new single and his first offer for 2020 called “The Whole 9”. Warren Wint is currently working on his long-awaited second album, “Father’s Favourite”, which will be released this summer. In 2018 Warren Wint first came on stage with his eclectic sound, strongly influenced by hip-hop music and filled with R&B, pop, gospel and poetry elements, and he has never looked back since. The title is inspired not only by Warren’s infectious softness and lyrical boldness, but also by a beautiful music scene reminiscent of New York’s revolutionary Golden Age hip-hop music, inspired by the classic R&B groove of the 1980s. WPGM is an innovation born of a passion for new and emerging music and a desire to revolutionize the way new music is discovered and consumed. WPGM provides the appropriate platform for promoting and presenting the best music and new artists through media and publications, digital public relations and live events. Warren Wint’s new single follows exactly w he was last year, w he was seen almost half a million times on YouTube, w he posted visual effects from his famous debut album “Quietaskept” such as “One Of A Kind”, “Maybe”, “This Way” and “Keep That Energy”.1, among others. Music Crowns is a global platform for discovery of music artists, a point of contact for the best unsigned, independent and newly signed music artists in the world. Musically, I wanted to do something to show that rap can still be fun. I wanted the work to be famous, but unique. Is it Friday? Would you like some new music? Well, we have this for you. We believe in the power of good music. It’s a tribute to the wives of bosses on one side and the men of bosses on the other, because these days we all want to be with people who can be more than just a night of fun and bring something to the table. Listen to “a whole nine” down t.