On Wednesday, actress Hilarie Burton renewed a past claim that Ben Affleck had groped her breast during a visit to MTV’s TRL, which she was hosting in 2003.

The post prompted a reply from the former One Tree Hill star and MTV VJ. “I didn’t forget,” Burton wrote.

In the footage, a young Burton is seen laughing about the incident as she recalls how the A-list movie star came over during an interview and “Tweaked” her breast.

The flashback footage is followed by Burton, who is now 35 and 10 years younger than Affleck, shrugging it off to the camera: “Some girls like a good tweakage here and there, I’d rather have a high-five.”

Burton resurfaced the video on Twitter with a callout to the women who are coming forward with their stories of sexual assault, and reflected on her own handling of the situation in the moment.

Hilarie Burton October 10, 2017 Seriously, thank you for that.