Superman star Henry Cavill has joked that t was no need to pretend when it comes to hating his costar Ben Affleck, who plays Batman.

The British actor quipped that he felt ‘genuine dislike’ for Ben as he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday.

Superman star: Henry Cavill has joked that he didn’t like Ben Affleck on the set of Batman v Superman as he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday.

Wasn’t tough: The British actor quipped it was easy to fight Ben’s Batman because he felt ‘genuine dislike’ for his costar.

‘Nice guy’: The 32-year-old later said that Ben was ‘down to earth’ and a ‘normal guy’.

The Superman star admitted that he had only met Ben once before working together, when they ran into each other at an Oscars bash.

Earlier this week, Henry admitted Ben’s super-buff Batman body inspired him to get back into the gym to bulk up to reprise his role as Superman.

Speaking on Tuesday’s Good Morning America, Henry said Ben, 43, was in such good shape he felt the need to work out more and get a ‘little bigger’.

‘When you see Ben on set and everything and he’s in good shape, it makes you want to go back to the gym that morning and work a little harder,’ he confessed.