The duo with the Knicks on “Landslide”, Paul McCartney “ Wonderful Christmastime” holiday cover, the cover of his old band “What Makes You Beautiful” and the film production of “Sign Of The Times” – all of this turned out to be in harmony with the encore and reflect exactly what the Styles now wants to be, with dozens of nuances of themselves that exist on the new album. It can also be seen in products that range from nude posters to t-shirts that say “your” song, to “good attitude towards people”. You’ll see a “your” theatrical troupe, with “your” pink blouse and white pants, tall and loose collar, challenging the standards of the genre. Elsew, a song like “Cherry” could easily appear on the last album of Mumford And Sons, while Styles gave up “Treat People With Kindness” on behalf of singer Lucius as choral director. Harry Stiles is not satisfied with what the slogan does at this stage, his “Treat People With Kindness” philosophy is not limited to folding T-shirts. And if Harry can be what he wants to be, why can’t his admirers live as they do, and take the freedom they feel when they are together in the real world? By the end of the decade, it sounds like a pragmatic use of pop music, moving the imagination into the real world. Although Fine Line is just “your” second album, many of them have grown up since “their” One Direction, their tastes have evolved and matured like the Styles aesthetics. Even in “their” support band, which was equally divided between men and women, one could see such progressive statement that Styles does regularly when he does his work without patting himself on the back. Early on Friday night at a forum in Los Angeles, Harry Styles turned to his his house full of fans. And he decided to focus on new songs, which Styles admitted were probably one of the few songs w the album sounded live from top to bottom. But maybe no other pop star in the world is so good at encouraging his fans, as long as you can hear them, get carried away by the screams of fans around you, see it through the eyes of other people. If Harry Stiles is really the future of pop music, it is hard to imagine that the genre is in the best hands. Partly, the special relationship Styles has with his fans can just flow from a long life. No matter how good the Fine Line is, we can say that the music of Styles comes alive more personally than on the record. When a pop star is on stage, the sight of such a successful and surprisingly unrealistic version of a person can inspire the viewer to be so confident in himself, so artistic, so free – or just fall in love with someone who embodies these attributes. Despite the fact that the music has different influences, everything is interconnected, because it is unmistakably Harry.

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