When I’ve collected more than one. 5 million broadcasts on Spotify in the last few months, Bristol-based singer-songwriter Harry Strange has returned to satisfy our appetite for great music with the release of his latest track, ‘Six Feet Under’. Friday, right? You want some new music? Well, we have it for you. Music Crowns is the global platform for the discovery of musical artists, the basic brand of the world’s best unsigned, independent and newly signed musical artists. Music Crowns is the world’s premier platform for discovering artists, promotions and opportunities for the world’s best non-signatory, independent and revolutionary musical artists. The title is the third and final single of Strange’s upcoming EP, Crying At The Party, a recording concept that tells the story of events, encounters and emotions experienced during the night. “He explores the drunken way of thinking about really loving someone, but also knowing that it’s not good for you. “Harry said on the track. New music? On a Friday? Laying the first stone. Sleater-Kinney published some cryptic evidence that new music is on the rise. This makes the piece perfect as one more piece of the puzzle of this journey and gives an introspective insight into the feelings experienced by those who navigate through love, friendship and anguish. Like the previous singles “Sober” and “Steady Unstable”, “Six Feet Under” remains firmly anchored in viola pop. Although this time Harry nods his head around the 1980s, with synthesizer waves, grid necklaces, bell synthesizers and bags with vocal manipulation similar to that of a vocoder.

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