Noted aviator and actor Harrison Ford flew his private plane over a jet airliner on the ground at a Southern California airport Monday.

The 74-year-old Ford was instructed to land on a runway at Orange County’s John Wayne Airport but mistakenly landed on a parallel taxiway, passing over a Boeing 737 carrying 110 passengers and six crew members.

The FAA is now investigating, which “Could result in a simple warning letter to a suspension of Ford’s pilot’s license,” NBC reports.

Ford collects vintage planes and has been flying for decades.

According to NPR’s Russell Lewis, Ford is “a highly-skilled and highly-rated pilot. He’s qualified to fly single and twin engine planes, sea planes, helicopters and he’s also an instrument-rated pilot.” In 2015, Ford said he owned “Eight or nine various types of airplanes,” according to NTSB documents posted on

Ford was seriously injured in March 2015 when he crash-landed a restored World War II-era trainer plane on a golf course near the Santa Monica Airport shortly after takeoff.

In 1999 he crash-landed a helicopter during a training flight in Ventura County, near Los Angeles, according to the AP. “Although the helicopter rolled over on its left side, neither Ford or the instructor were injured,” notes.