An email posed the simple question “… is this true?” with an online link to a website with a big picture of Harrison Ford.The article at the end of the link related a story that Harrison Ford loves Sierra Vista.

“They were very helpful and very friendly. I gotta say, I was really impressed with the people of Sierra Vista, Arizona. That would’ve never happened in L.A.!,” Ford allegedly told the website.

Dailynews11, and search for Harrison Ford.All of it looks very believable, until you learn a little bit more about Daily News 11, which promotes itself as “Your News Network.” Under the “About” menu on the website, t is a clear explanation that throws our Harrison Ford story into serious doubt.

“Daily News 11 is a fantasy news site. Most articles on are satire or pure fantasy.”

With that doubt in mind, this veteran scribe of the news business quickly dialed his Bisbee contact to find out if t had been any recent celebrity sightings.

“Didn’t you text me a few weeks back about Harrison Ford being at the Copper Queen?” came this anxious reporter’s question.

That still leaves the question of who made the posting? Who and why would someone connect the “Six degrees of separation” between Harrison Ford and Sierra Vista.