Fans were pre-warned that April would be written off the show and a trailer for the episode teased a tragic end for Dr. Kepner, but the audience was still not prepared for the emotional gut-punch of watching her life hang in the balance.

In some serious McDreamy-PTSD inducing fashion, April was involved in a car accident that brought her to Grey Sloan Memorial in pretty bad shape.

Jackson begging for April to live bitch I am a MESS #GreysAnatomy.

K-Money$$ May 11, 2018 Jackson praying to god to save April I can’t #GreysAnatomy pic.

Christy May 11, 2018 jackson: dont take april please.

Suheilyb May 11, 2018 the speeches, the lines, all the doctors in the room together with April.

April Kepner lives to see another day and another totally un-tragic season finale.