I’m not talking about the new episode – I’m talking about the genuinely shocking news that Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw will be leaving Grey’s Anatomy at the end of the season because of “The show’s creative direction.” Okay, maybe it isn’t that dire, but it is an unwelcome surprise.

Maggie and Jackson flirt over surgery, both trying to play up how into their significant others they are.

Sister Panel is a bust, so Maggie tries to make the best of game night.

April grows more and more heated as fewer and fewer people follow the rules of the games.

Maggie is left stunned and Jackson saves the day by telling Clive and Daphne to deal with their crap elsew, and that Clive should lose Maggie’s number, real fast.

Maggie is left alone to lament over how she could have slept with a married man, until Jackson shows up again.

Did Meredith just get played? She has to figure out what is going on, which is why she rushes home and enlists Maggie to go through Ellis’s journals for a clue.