So this is undoubtedly the most personal album Porter has ever recorded – many songs play in their “own” way of life, and the emotions and soul that music brings have been patented. According to Porter, the album is a mixture of “jazz, soul, blues and gospel” with “heart on the cover,” the words of which “permeate everyday philosophy and details of real life. The good news is that “All Rise will finally come out – at the end of August – and the question, of course, should have been whether to wait. Soul and Jazz and Funk is an independent soul news and review website compiled by Charles Waring and Bill Buckley, two of Britain’s most experienced and respected soul writers. Why is it called Soul, Jazz and Funk? Of course, “All Rise” is written with great love, and many songs praise the virtues and benefits that these emotions can bring. All Rise” is just a great album that lets you get in touch with your soul. Already in January Gregory Porter announced that he will release a new album, his first album since 2017 “Nat King Cole & Me”. In the meantime, we have whetted our appetite with five singles – the last of which was “Concord” – that were linked to NASA’s last probe, Mars. In a year that we enjoyed great soul and jazz albums, this is definitely the best thing that ever happened. All Rise, as we were told, was due out in April. Producer Troy Miller knows all about accessibility – his resume includes working with Calvin Harris, Rag N Bone Man and Amy Winehouse. Contact us, we offer very competitive prices to place your ad on our website.