Faced with the option of radiation treatment, Allman said no, because the treatment might have affected his vocal cords.

Gregg Allman was a founding member of the legendary classic rock group The Allman Brothers Band.

Among the highlights are a gorgeous, slide guitar-inflected cover of Bob Dylan’s “Going Going Gone” and a cathartic performance of “My Only True Friend,” Allman’s ode to life on the road. The latter song, written in collaboration with guitarist Scott Sharrard, begins the album with Allman singing, “You and I both know this river will surely flow to an end / Keep me in your heart, and keep your soul on the mend”-a line that recalls Warren Zevon’s wrenching farewell ballad “Keep Me in Your Heart.”

Browne, who duets with Allman on the recording, wrote the song in memory of a friend who died from an apparent suicide.

Allman sang the song with a different fallen friend in mind: his brother Duane.

Browne and Gregg Allman had been quasi-roommates, crashing on the floor of the same house in the late ’60s. “Song for Adam” later appeared on Browne’s debut album, released a few short months after Duane’s fatal 1971 motorcycle crash.

“Once Duane passed away, I think it really reminded him of his brother. He’d always wanted to record it.” While recording the vocal take for Southern Blood, Allman became overcome with emotion.

On May 27, 2017, Allman died, mere months after the death of his Allman Brothers bandmate Butch Trucks.