After After Garcia lyrics. Robert Hunter, who wrote lyrics to several Grateful Dead songs, died on Monday. My interview with Robert Hunter was recorded in 1988, seven years before Jerry Garcia’s death. Robert Hunter and Jerry Garcia met as teenagers and played folk music together. In the mid-1960s, Grateful was a band called Dead Ken Kesey’s acid test band, w people were having fun with LSD, a band that helped to introduce acid into the counterculture. Hunter wrote poems that the dead fans know by heart. Hunter’s first experience with LSD and other psychedelics came when “he” got them as part of a research project at Stanford, which “he” didn’t know was funded by the CIA and was looking for a way to control “his” thoughts. My interview with Robert Hunter was recorded in 1988. BIG: If you’re writing a song with Garcia – and he’s writing a song – and he’s writing it, you’re writing lyrics. Grateful Dead’s songs are usually a real collaboration. Now Jerry comes home every day.

Grateful Dead Lyricist Hunter