It’s like a coin toss between Eilish and Lizzo, and it’s like a year in which wealth is distributed, so look for whoever loses to maybe win a prize in the song categories. In addition to the following predictions, artists such as Post Malone Swae Lee, Vampire Weekend, Cage The Elephant and Tool should manage Grammy awards in smaller categories, while it wouldn’t be surprising if Lizzo also won trophies in contemporary R&B and Urban. It is impossible to know whether voters in the many categories in which they participate will bet more on Billie Eilish or Lizzo, and this will probably depend on how voters think about the other categories . Tfore, it is entirely appropriate for Lizzo to take them home, given the controversy surrounding Truth Hurts’ writing. “It would be a promising victory, even if “Bad Guy” could easily replace it in our minds as the most successful recording of the year. Cole and his Dreamville team win a Grammy for their massive collaboration, but something tells me that he despite Tyler’s disdain in the main categories still has people’s voices as the best rap album of the year. However, if anyone creates surprise, Ariana Grande believes that she has the best chance with her clear quota of support in the major categories, so this victory remains in the realm of the possible. But for Album Of The Year, it’s not always important, and it’s very likely that the best album of the year, Norman F*cking Rockwell by Lana Del Rey, will be rewarded. Great, however, won this category last year, so a member of the old guard who slips away is also possible, making this category one of the most interesting of the night. Eilish feels more likely in other categories, but could easily take them home. However, Lizzo and Billie Eilish feel at the forefront when considering only the number of citations received. Eilish is also the youngest person ever nominated in the four largest categories. But given the importance of Eilish’s support this year, it is difficult to bet against “them” in this category. And if you would be surprised to win a Grammy for one of his two excellent albums in 2019, Bon Iver is not a loss of quality and also feels deserved.

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