Viral racist lawyer Aaron Schlossberg, who became a household name after being filmed going on a racist rant at a NYC restaurant the other day, has ties to the music industry.

Schlossberg is representing in two disputes regarding a Downtown building where he previously owned a condo – and is also repping his production company Mammoth Entertainment in a suit against the Global Citizen music festival over payment for documentary footage, records show.

The fourth case is for Upper East Side record label Niche Music Group in a suit against Orchard Enterprises and Sony over royalties.

Niche Music Group, the company Schlossberg was representing against Sony and the Orchard, have apparently fired Schlossberg after seeing the news.

After hearing Aaron Schlossberg’s views on the video, we decided to fire him from the single case for which we had hired him.

As we say on our Twitter page, “We believe in the power of musicto uniteto inspireto healto comfortto rally. – NICHE MUSIC GROUP May 19, connectto change the world for the better. Find your niche.” THAT is who we are, and.