The “Verotica” by Glen Danzig, who recently made “his” debut on Cinepocalypse and has other shows in the store, will receive “his” video “on demand” on Halloween. Recently Danzig told Full Metal Jackie about “his” first trip to the movies: “I think I will make three films, and then decide whether I want to go further. The musician has written and directed a film with Alice Hague, Ashley Wiesd, Caden Cross, Natalia Borovski, Rachel Alig, Scotch Hopkins and Sean Kanan. The film’s title is Verotika, a division of Gdansk-based comic book company Verotika, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in August this year. I am already preparing for the next one, the western one. I will do three. 2019 Loudwire is part of the Loudwire Network, Townsquare Media, Inc. The amateur release of Blu-ray and DVD video is scheduled for the end of the year. I’ll see what I want to do now. All the vampires are there.

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