“We should have seen the Tom Cruise movie,” Tom mumbles, as he and Gisele sit in the backseat of their car, on their way home.

“Yes, Gisele, Tom Cruise is in the Minions movie.”

Tom looks out the window, while Gisele reaches into her handbag, fumbling about, looking for something.

“Back to normalcy,” Gisele repeats, not looking Tom in the eyes.

“How do you understand …? I was gonna ask if you think I should give her some space, and head out …”.

Jennifer Lawrence says in an interview with The New York Times: “… then Josh [Hutcherson] phoned me and explained he had a dream about Woody [Harrelson]. And then my buddy came over to my home and explained she had a sex dream about Liam [Hemsworth].”

“I … you guys looks so happy, and tan, and you also know … you guys could be stock photo models, for like, the word healthy.”

“Healthy, I do not understand … did you see how many of those sweet potato fries I had?!”.

“How’s he handling … it all?”.