As we already know, the album was released with the second single “Epic”. “With Goulder’s killer bass line, a rap-like performance by Patton, rock music by guitarist Jim Martin and a very exciting rhythm, the song accelerated and immediately became a hit. In 1989 the band won the Grammy nomination for best metal performance on The Real Thing album, and in 1991 “Epic” received the second Grammy nomination for best hard rock performance for the band. The band released a series of modestly successful albums with singer Chuck Moseley, but when “his” behavior became more unpredictable, the band decided that the changes would be appropriate. Keytourist Roddy Bottom told Reflex magazine: “We knew we wanted to move forward as a band, but this is a bold step. And “Epicia” did not take long to become an epic for the band. Between Mike Patton and June 20, 1989, Faith No More released “her” third studio album “The Real Thing”. According to bassist Bill Gould, the band got used to Moseley’s habits and behaviour, but eventually it became impossible to work with the singer. “It was weird for me because I spent all my musical moments with Bungle Boys and we had our own stuff,” said Patton. Gould adds that “he” wasn’t afraid to admit success, and adds: “I don’t see the point in limiting availability through stubbornness. It all started modestly when “From Now” was released as the main single in August 1989. In general, it was a triumph for a restless band that did not lose to the band. After the divorce from Moseley, the band started writing and writing all the songs for The Real Thing before the band played the song. It was then that Moseley got drunk and fell asleep on stage when “he” released the album for “his” album Introce Yourself, and it was in 1988 that “he” decided to release it.

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