Tholos is present around the world, from singer Jamie Wiltshire in Cambridge England, to guitarist Emmanuel Dron in Singapore, drummer Andrew Peach and bassist Charles Bertha in Nashville and Massachusetts, respectively. Music Crowns is a global platform for opening up music artists, a point of contact for the world’s best unsigned, independent and newly signed music artists. The song contains exciting instrumental plays and lyrics that are sometimes a depressing metaphor for the current state of the world, beautifully performed by Jamie. Boulent Mustafa is the owner of OBs Music UK and supports talented artists who are “under observation” and whom everyone should know. We’ll All Get Nothing To See” is an extension of “his” first single “The Most Beautiful Queen” and explores the human dream of space travel. Bowlent lives in London, UK and is an enthusiastic and passionate supporter of unsigned and independent musicians. Fools have embraced the current pandemic and were formed through the use of virtual communication, which increased during localization. Is it Friday? Do you want new music? We have it for you. Emilio Lanza is an acoustic guitarist from Naples, Italy, 33 years old. NEW JERSEY – Jan. MONTKLER, N.J. – Ten.

Get Nothing