NEW YORK – Gary Busey long ago merged his public persona with a character named Gary Busey.

Busey recently wrapped up a two-week run in the off-Broadway New York show “Perfect Crime,” the insanely long-running, if not exactly sanely or contly presented, dramatic murder-mystery.

Catherine Russell plays the therapist, as she does other roles behind the scenes, and she spent years trying to persuade Busey to play Lionel McCauley, an articulate but deranged patient.

One night Busey spotted two young theatergoers in the front row who appeared to be tuning out.

The L.A.-based Busey and his wife, Steffanie, spoke from an apartment w they were staying near the “Perfect Crime” theater.

Gary: It’s a lot different than it was during the time of the Founding Fathers.

Gary: They’re already What’s happened to cows in the prairie is they’ve been killed and opened up and we’re exploring and discovering.

Gary: You know what fun stands for? Finally Understanding Nothing.