The entertainment world lost an icon Tuesday as legendary writer-director Garry Marshall died of complications from pneumonia after suffering a stroke.

In 1970, Marshall collaborated with writing partner Jerry Belson and transformed Neil Simon’s Broadway hit, The Odd Couple, into a hit sitcom starring Tony Randall as an uptight photographer Felix Ungar and Jack Klugman as the easygoing sportswriter Oscar Madison.

Laverne & Shirley starred his sister, Penny Marshall, and Cindy Williams; while Mork and Mindy is widely credited as making Robin Williams a household name.

For some of us, it instantly conjures up the image of Julia Roberts, thanks to Marshall.

Marshall capitalized on the chemistry between Roberts and Gere, starring them both in the 1999 romantic comedy Runaway Bride.

Millennials probably know Marshall best through the Princess Diaries, the 21st-century Cinderella story that made Anne Hathaway famous.