They obviously spent thousands of hours digging the boxes while creating the album and fusing the treasures they found in the kind of dense hip-hop songs we haven’t heard much about since the De La era, when the samples were very popular. ELIGH of LIVING LEGENDS and South African newcomer YUGEN BLAKROK bring explosive worms, while New Orleans legend Vockah Redu bounces, Circle Takes the Square singer Kathleen Stubelek and San Antonio Upstart Worldwide offer brilliant turns of support. It’ll be as fun as a comedy of spectacularly deviating black friends: the powerful epic beards return to the hairdresser’s chair and ruin their market share. For more than a decade, no matter how many tours they’ve survived or how many solo outings they’ve lost – more than 20 in between, depending on how you count them – the members of this dream team and their Econoline do-it-yourself ethic have endured a certain marginal status in the rap world. Both artists come from the industrial environment of Providence, Rhode Island, and go with hip-hop safes, fiddle with esoteric knowledge of hypnotic and overflowing sample compositions. Last year’s first EP, Season 1, was fun for the label, while offering a sublime bubble of political commentary, interpersonal messages and healthy self-observation. This should be fun, but it doesn’t mean that any of the presenters have strayed from their characteristic mix of the personal and the political; the themes range from the absurd to the unwavering truth. “Hedges,” the first single, is a living study of suburban alienation and the collapse of the psychological ties that once constituted the great American district. The current title doesn’t exactly talk about the Fyre VIP experience, but about that sort of thing: you were sold on a sales contract. Owen W Epic Beard Men is improving “his” already excellent start in every respect. TWSTBF is filled with a satirical, satirical and pompous edu-entertainment, capitalized in neon bubble letters so that the whole world doesn’t worry about us. Sage and B take turns spitting out the chorus as if they were screaming in empty, well-kept lawns. And while all the songs are great, “Hedges” is one of the coolest songs I’ve heard all year. Although, on average, it’s not as difficult as the first album, they managed to make an album without breaking in.

Debut Fun | Epic