Frank Ocean is trending yet again for not releasing his highly anticipated album Boys Don’t Cry and many of his fans are losing it.

Frank Ocean fans were expecting Boys Don’t Cry to be released on July 31 this year.

Now it’s August 1, Frank Ocean fans are responding on Twitter demanding music.

Some good news is that Frank Ocean is live streaming on his website.

Frank Ocean has a picture on his website showing two versions of the album have been made.

“Why you taking so long with this fu**ing album? Word to my moms I aint buying nuffin. I will illegal download every track on that album. Listen, it deadass the end of July. No one has ever played me for this long. You played all of us Frank. Don’t worry we are still gonna be your fans ’til the world ends. I luv you man). In all honestlyfu** you.”

Frank Ocean is featured on Kanye West’s new album The Life of Pablo w he was originally on “Wolves” before Kanye remade the song.

From what we know about Boys Don’t Cry so far is that producers Hit-Boy, Rodney Jerkins and Danger Mouse are expected to be featured on the album.

Fans are hoping that Frank Ocean still releases the album today.