Nick Clark was shot dead in a shocking twist ending on Sunday’s episode of Fear The Walking Dead.The AMC zombie drama spin-off ended with Nick lying with a bullet wound to his heart, blood pouring out of his mouth and finally stopping breathing after initially gasping for air.

A teaser for the next episode also saw him being covered with a sheet, seemingly ending any hopes that Nick might somehow pull through.

Flashbacks showed how Nick and his mother Madison Clark were still heartbroken that Charlie had not stayed with them, with Nick telling his mom: ‘We never stood a chance, did we? She was never gonna stay with us no matter what we did.

Later, Morgan – who had saved Nick’s life from a walker who fell on top of him, even though Nick had abandoned him to walkers without his fighting cane – warned Nick off seeking revenge and killing Ennis.

He then physically tried to restrain Nick when the stumbled across Ennis again before Nick asked: ‘Are you gonna do what it takes to stop me?’.

Morgan finally let him through, with Nick running at Ennis with a hammer, the two men getting into a struggle that ended with Ennis dead after being impaled on a taxidermy buck head.It was a killing that presumably led to Charlie seeking her deadly revenge.

He then gave him the book, which Nick appeared to be taking to heart – especially as Morgan had likewise saved him when he did not have to – before he was shot dead.Morgan had been alone as the others went looking for a truck to haul out the SWAT van they had been after it crashed during a fight between Nick and journalist Al.She was still adamant that the group give her full interviews on tape for her to help them in return, telling Victor at one point: ‘We don’t know how all this ends.