To mark our 60th anniversary in 2020, the Temptations want to pay tribute to the fans in the UK and around the world. Their short tour began in Cardiff on 29 October and ended 11 days later, on 8 November 2020, in London. I have made unforgettable trips to the UK since the early 1970s, including meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury to record our album “Live at the Talk of the Town”. His colleague at The Tempations, the band’s sole founder, Otis Williams, is also looking forward to “his” upcoming trip to the UK. Duke Fakir, the last remaining original member of the Four Hills, said: “We are very happy to return to Britain. Between these two dates, the band will perform in Nottingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham and Bournemouth. Tickets can be purchased by calling 0844 888 9991 (24 hours a day) or directly from the venue. Checking in will only take a few minutes and give you more options. We have always received such a warm welcome from our fans that we feel at home.